Best Practices for CMV Drivers: Start-Up, Back-Up, and Parking Procedures


This "best practices" course covers one topic included in the Safe Driving Practices for CMV Drivers course: Start-Up, Back-Up, and Parking Procedures.

Learning Outcomes

This course teaches the concepts and skills necessary to:
  • Recognize how to avoid the hazards associated with starting up and/or backing up a parked CMV and list ways to help drivers avoid accidents with a parked CMV.


This course is intended for all CMV drivers.


This course has these features and more:
  • Multimedia
  • Narration
  • Interactivity
  • Easy navigation
  • Supplementary material
  • Links to regulations
  • Real-world scenarios
  • Objective-based exams.


FMCSR - 49 CFR 383, 392, 393, and 396

Approximate Length

10 minutes

Delivery Method


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