Safe Driving Practices


Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of accidental deaths and injuries in the United States. Many businesses and agencies have recognized the direct benefits of safe driving programs, not only in the number of lives saved and injuries reduced, but also in the decreased hospitalization costs, lost production time, vehicle down time, and insurance rates.

This course will help you recognize what it means to be a “safe” driver and will help you identify areas you may need to focus on to increase your own safe driving skills. Using safe choices and habits, you will learn how to make good choices for safety and how to develop good habits to avoid the bad choices other drivers may make.

Learning Outcomes

After taking this course, you will be able to:
  • Assess your own driving behaviors, and identify the attitudes, behaviors, and actions that characterize a safe driver, in order to identify what you may change or improve to be a safer driver, and recognize the tools a safe driver uses, such as maintaining space and using your eyes, to increase safety on the road.
  • Recognize how the choices you make impact safety and identify what safe choices you can make outside the vehicle, as well as those you make once you first get into the vehicle and during the drive, including managing in-vehicle distractions.
  • Recognize safe driving habits to help protect yourself and others from the risk of injury on the road, how maintaining space impacts safety, and identify how you can anticipate unsafe drivers or hazardous situations, including adverse weather or traffic congestion, and safely respond.


This course is intended for all drivers of personal and commercial vehicles. It is not aimed at CMV truckers (although many of the principles may be applicable)


This course has these features and more:

  • Multimedia
  • Narration
  • Interactivity
  • Easy navigation
  • Supplementary material
  • Real-world scenarios
  • Objective-based exams

Approximate Length

1 hour

Delivery Method


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